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Behind The Wheel Courses In Winchester And Harrisonburg, VA


Valley Driving School Programs

Valley Driving School operates in the Winchester and Harrisonburg, Virginia areas. Driver education courses (Behind the Wheel and Classroom) are taught to teens and adults. We are a locally owned and operated business that offers flexible schedules. Pick up and drop-off service can be arranged for most lessons. If the driver needs picked up or dropped off further than 20 minutes from the office alternate sites can be discussed. If the pick up and drop off locations add extensive time to the session an additional fee may be charged.
Car - Driving Class in Winchester, VA
Valley Driving School's experienced instructors offer a comprehensive program developed for the purpose of providing important information and experiences for the new driver. Certified instructors will teach students how to be safe and knowledgeable while on the road. Our instructors also teach new drivers to drive responsibly and use defensive skills while driving.


Offered in Winchester and Harrisonburg, Virginia

Teen (under 18) Behind The Wheel Sessions

  • Teen sessions are targeted for students 17 years of age and younger.
  • To obtain a Virginia learner's permit, a student must be 15 years and six months of age.*
  • Class hours are flexible and VDS will work around the student's school, athletic, and work schedules.
  • Seven sessions are required to complete the course at a cost of $325.
  • Sessions include the required 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observation.
  • The course includes rural, city, residential, and interstate driving.
  • Students must provide proof of successful completion of a state approved, 36-period classroom course.
  • A parent or guardian must certify that a student has driven at least 45 hours, 15 of which occurred after sunset.
  • A minimum of two drivers are required per session.
  • If a student needs a driving partner, VDS will assign a partner from the pool of registrants.

*The minimum age for obtaining a Virginia driver's license is 16 years and three months. Students must hold the learner's permit for at least nine months.



Adult (18 & Older) Behind The Wheel Sessions (As of July 1 2016)

  • Adult sessions are taught 7 days a week and we have very flexible hours for training sessions.
  • Adult students can be picked up from their residence or place of work for the behind the wheel sessions.
  • Each sessions lasts 50 minutes and VDS recommends adults complete six sessions. ($300)
  • There is a minimum requirement of two sessions at a cost of $50 per session.
  • Adult driving instruction will be held in parking lots, residential streets, business areas, highways and interstates.
  • Adults must have held a learner's permit for at least 60 days before taking the road skills test.
  • Drivers age 18 must complete an In-Car Maneuvers Observation Record (CSMA-19) to verify the observation and completion of safe driving maneuvers before applying to take the road skills test at DMV. Valley Driving School will provide this to 18 year old drivers upon successful completion of six sessions.


Offered in Winchester, Virginia

  • This course is open to teens who are taking the class for the first time. This course is required for anyone under 18 that will be taking the Behind the Wheel 7 day course. It is also required for anyone 16,17 OR 18 who failed the permit test 3 teams and had not yet passed this course. If they have passed it they may take the 8 HR course if they failed the permit test 3 times.
  • To register for the online classroom course, complete the ONLINE 30 HR Course Registration Form and return to valleydrivered@gmail.com. The fee may be paid by cash, check or credit card.
  • The student email provided will be used to send the login information for the course. The user name and login password will be sent. Students may click on the link on the register page to go to the online login page.
      When the student has completed the course they will be required to take the final exam at our office (117 S. Kent St. Winchester VA 22601) with one of the certified instructors. The student and instructor will set an agreed upon time for the test. Valley Driving School will provide the computer needed to complete the test. Upon completion of the course including the passing of the final exam the student will receive the Course Completion Certificate. If the student fails the final examination, the student will be allowed to review any section of the completed course to prepare to take the examination again. The school and student will set another agreed upon date for the next attempt.
CLASSROOM COURSE - Classroom setting $350
  • This course is open to teens who are taking the class for the first time.
  • The teen classroom course requires 36 sessions of course work to complete.
  • Dates and times will be posted when we have a schedule set. Call 540-398-6059 for class dates and times
  • Adults (18 and older) who have failed the DMV learner's permit test 3 times are eligible to take the 8 hour Drivers Manual course. Completion of this course will allow a driver to go to DMV and take the permit test as many times as needed.
  • Teens (under 18) who have successfully completed the 36 50-min period classroom course and have the course completion card, may take the 8 HR Driver manual course if they fail the permit test three times. (This is a new law as of July 1, 2016). Students under 18 DO NOT need to repeat the 36 - 50 min period classroom course.
  • Call or email if you want to be placed on the class list.
  • The fee is $225. The fee must be paid in by cash or credit card.
Valley Driving School LLC is licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the Commonwealth of Virginia.